EPCOS / TDK HVC43 High-Voltage Gas-Filled Contactors

TDK HVC43 High-Voltage Gas-Filled Contactors offer a 150A to 250A current range and are specifically designed to meet the requirements of high-voltage DC switching applications. These contactors feature a hermetically-sealed, gas-filled, ceramic arc chamber that offers excellent extinguishing properties and is designed to quickly shut down high direct currents of lithium-ion batteries in vehicles, charging stations, or energy storage systems. TDK HVC43 High-Voltage Gas-Filled Contactors provide compact dimensions of 78mm x 40.4mm x 74.5mm, weight 300g, and are 30% lighter than the HVC200, HVC300, and HVC500 series.


  • Single coil with connector
  • No coil termination
  • Main terminals without polarity (bidirectional)
  • Gas-filled ceramic arc chambers to quickly shut down high currents
  • Up to 1000VDC switching voltage
  • Up to 250A DC current rating
  • Bipolar design
  • Small dimensions and low weight
  • Hermetically sealed design
  • RoHS compatible


  • Vehicles
  • Charging stations
  • Energy storage systems
Publicado: 2021-06-16 | Actualizado: 2023-07-19