Renesas / Dialog SM2400 EVK2 Evaluation Kit (V2)

Renesas / Dialog SM2400 EVK2 Evaluation Kit (V2) features flexible interfaces to facilitate engineering evaluation via a PC-based GUI application. The Adesto Technologies kit easily enables comprehensive configuration, control, and monitoring/testing. The SM2400 EVK2 also enables the communication performance of the SM2400 modem subsystem. The Kit includes a baseboard for flexible connectivity and a swappable modem module for optimized configurations.


  • Baseboard
    • mini-USB for PC connection and a JTAG connector
    • UART and SPI interface
    • External 12V/15VDC supply
    • Zero Crossing Detector

  • Downloadable Firmware Builds
    • OFDM: PRIME, G3-PLC, IEEE 1901.2, Full-Band Mode
    • XXR High Robust mode
    • SunSpec
    • Simple Mesh Networking (SMESH)

  • Interchangeable Modem Modules
    • Module Dimensions: 83mm(L) x 45mm(W)
    • Built-in power line coupling circuit
    • Modules with optimized operational bands
      • CENELEC A
      • CENELEC B/C
      • FCC/ARIB
      • Full Band
    • Line Driver Options
      • Texas Instruments
      • Intersil
      • Discrete Front End
      • SG Micro
      • ON Semiconductor

Kit Contents

  • Base Board
  • SM2400-EV1-Mn-x Module
  • USB Cables
  • User Guide (Download)
  • Firmware + GUI (Download)
  • DC Power Supply
Publicado: 2019-05-14 | Actualizado: 2023-04-20