M5Stack Unit Camera DIY Kit (OV2640)

M5Stack Unit Camera DIY Kit is a powerful ESP32 Wi-Fi camera kit that provides high flexibility and plug-and-play capability. This DIY kit consists of two lens modules, viz a wide-angle fisheye module and regular view module. Both lens modules make use of OV2640 image sensor supporting up to 200w pixel output. The unit camera DIY kit offers compact size, high resolution, and focus capabilities. Typical applications include remote monitoring, camera timers, and a variety of IoT image capture applications.


  • High flexibility:
    • Lens focus support
    • GROVE expansion interface with programmable RGB lights
  • Rich image processing API interface
  • Fascinating DIY structure model cover
  • Built-in ESP32 MCU
  •  Plug-and-play:
    • Self-image transfer firmware with UART/WIFI image transfer support
    • Integrated image parameter API interface (white balance, exposure, gain, size, etc)
    • PC-based debugging tools
    • Support UIFlow graphical programming platform for one-click invocation and cloud transmission
    • Works with Arduino, ESP32-IDF, and other mainstream development platforms


  • Remote monitoring
  • Camera timer
  • IoT applications

Kit Contents

  • 1x Unit CAM core board
  • 1x OV2640 camera (FOV:66.5°)
  • 1x OV2640 camera (FOV:160°)
  • 1x Model housing Kit
  • 1x Camera back clip (LEGO-compatible)
  • 1x HY2.0-4P cable


M5Stack Unit Camera DIY Kit (OV2640)
Publicado: 2021-10-19 | Actualizado: 2022-03-11