Amphenol Industrial RADSOK® Amphe-Power® GT Connectors

Amphenol Industrial RADSOK® Amphe-Power® GT Connectors are high amperage-capable connectors designed for demanding industrial and transportation applications. Designed originally for use by the military, these heavy-duty connectors are widely used in mass transit, commercial, geophysical, aerospace, ground support, and shipboard applications. The series handles up to 150% higher amperages than standard contacts. The RADSOK contact is a hyperbolic, stamped grid configuration within the socket. As the male pin is inserted, axial members in the female half deflect, imparting high current flow across the connection with minimal voltage loss. This design ensures a large, coaxial, face-to-face surface area engagement and provides higher current capacity with minimized temperature rise. The RADSOK design of Amphenol Amphe-Power GT Connectors also offers low milli-volt drop because of the intimate contact provided by the spring force of the grid.


  • Reverse bayonet coupling connector with audible, tactile, and visual full mating feature for quick positive coupling
  • Heavy-duty, rugged shells with wide variety of backshell options
  • Inserts available in neoprene, Viton™, or low smoke/flame retardant
  • Waterproof construction with overmolded coupling nut for added damage protection and increased gripping surface
  • Crimp or solder terminations
  • Contacts with gold and silver plating
  • Variety of plating options, including non-cadmium zinc cobalt (black or green), non-conductive colorized anodic plating
  • Low contact resistance
  • Low milli-volt drop performance
  • High current capacity with minimized temperature rise
  • Reliability under vibration and shock
  • High quality, consistency, and cost-effectiveness
  • No lock wiring required
  • UL recognized


  • Operating temperature range
    • With neoprene or low smoke/flame-retardant inserts: -55°C to +125°C
    • With Viton inserts: -50°C to +200°C
  • Waterproof, IP67 rated
  • 2000 minimum couplings
Publicado: 2018-07-31 | Actualizado: 2022-09-12