Amphenol Air LB France 1100 Quick Junction Modules

Amphenol Air LB France 1100 Quick Junction Modules are designed for signal and low current distribution where sealing, space and weight-saving are prime requirements. These modules are mounted on metallic tracks and are available from 6 contacts size 12 up to 21 contacts size 22 in different contact configurations. The 1100 quick junction modules also come in hybrid or ground versions and PCB or component carrier versions. These modules utilize overmold technology that offers IP66/IP68 and IP69K sealing performance. The 1100 quick junction modules feature military and commercial aerospace specifications and fire/smoke/toxicity conform to ABD0031 and FAR 25853. These modules are ideally used in commercial aerospace, military aerospace, helicopter, UAV, armored vehicles, submarines, and military ships.


  • Military and commercial aerospace specification
  • Derived from EN3708 and NSA937901 standards
  • Overmold technology for excellent sealing performance
  • Suited to save cable linear meters, cost, and weight
  • Possibility to mix all 1100 modules versions on the same metallic track
  • Fire/smoke/toxicity conform to ABD0031 and FAR 25853


  • Commercial aerospace
  • Military aerospace
  • Helicopter
  • Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs)
  • Armored vehicles
  • Submarines
  • Military ships
Publicado: 2021-08-22 | Actualizado: 2023-08-22