Altech FM Medical Foot Switches

Altech FM Medical Foot Switches are ideal for medical applications along with light- and medium-duty automation and control applications. These switches offer IP68 protection and IEC 601-1 certification. Contact type features include momentary, maintained, or two-stage momentary contacts. Altech FM Medical Foot Switches are typically used when hands-free operation is required or when the hands are needed to perform a separate task while the machine or device must be started, stopped, or otherwise manipulated.


  • IP68 protection (medical versions IEC 601-1 certified)
  • Specially designed gold-plated contacts for low current
  • High-current switch inserts
  • Different cable entries / strain reliefs
  • Other cable versions, with shield
  • Momentary, maintained, or two-stage momentary contacts


  • Medical
  • Automation and control


  • 250V voltage rating
  • 5A current rating
  • -20°C to +80°C temperature range

Contact Configuration

Block Diagram - Altech FM Medical Foot Switches
Publicado: 2019-07-12 | Actualizado: 2023-06-01