AirBorn RZ® Z Series Interposer Compression Connectors

AirBorn RZ® Z Series Interposer Compression Connectors offer a 250VDC rating, 25mΩ contact resistance rating, and 20 to 175 contacts. The components patented Z-axis compression contact system features solderless BeCu contacts designed to be compressed under pressure between parallel, printed wiring boards or between a printed wiring board and another electronic component. The RZ connectors are engineered to meet strict performance and reliability requirements. Standard versions are available with 2 to 7 rows, 20 to 175 contacts, 1.27mm contact spacing, and standard heights spanning 0.1" to 0.35”. Custom configurations designed to meet specific application needs are also available, and both standard and custom versions are made in the USA.


  • Compression interface
  • Land Grid Array (LGA), solderless technology
  • Low-volume production
  • Molded and laser-machined versions
  • Rectangular versions with various pin count and pin height options available


  • 2 to 7 rows
  • 20 to 175 contacts
  • 1.27mm contact spacing
  • 25mΩ contact resistance
  • 5000MΩ minimum @ 100VDC insulation resistance
  • Durability of 50 minimum mating cycles


Publicado: 2019-03-29 | Actualizado: 2023-08-24