Adafruit micro:bit v2 Go Club 10-Pack

Adafruit micro:bit v2 Go Club 10-Pack is upgraded with a powerful new processor with more capability. It adds more sensing with a new speaker and microphone. The latest micro:bit fits into existing lessons and materials. All the existing MakeCode blocks and MicroPython code will work in the same way as they do on the original micro:bit. This is the micro:bit v2 Club 10-Pack with batteries, battery holders, and microUSB cables.


  • A more powerful Nordic nRF52833 processor, lots more RAM, and Flash so MicroPython works a lot better
  • A MEMS microphone can hear the world around it
  • A speaker, provide audio feedback, play tones
  • Capacitive touch sensor, the logo now acts as a button you can boop
  • Power saving mode, double click the reset button to enter low power mode

Kit Contents

  • 10x micro:bit v2 Board
  • 10x 6" long microUSB Cable 
  • 10x Battery Holder for 2x AAA
  • 20x AAA Battery
Publicado: 2021-02-01 | Actualizado: 2022-09-12