Adafruit AS7341 10-Channel Light / Color Sensor Breakout

Adafruit AS7341 10-Channel Light / Color Sensor Breakout is a multi-channel spectrometer that is able to detect the amount of light present and within different wavelengths. This sensor chip operates at 1.8VDC and the breakout board includes a voltage regulator that takes 3VDC to 5VDC and safely converts it down. The AS7341 offers 16 different sensors within a 3mm x 2mm footprint that detects 8 separate overlapping bands of colored light. This sensor chip features Super MUX (SMUX) that allows routing of the signal from any sensor to any ADC channel. The sensor is mounted on a STEMMA QT form factor breakout board alongside level shifting circuitry and SparkFun Qwiic compatible Stemma QT connectors.


  • Super MUX (SMUX)
  • 3mm x 2mm footprint
  • 16 different sensors to detect 8 different bands
  • 11 readable individual sensor elements


Publicado: 2020-11-10 | Actualizado: 2020-12-11