4D Systems SK-4Duino-24 Starter Kit

4D Systems SK-4Duino-24 Starter Kit includes 4Duino 2.4-inch display module, male and female headers, ribbon cable, adapter, and a 4GB microSD card. This 4D Systems module operates at a temperature range of -15°C to 65°C and has a viewing area of 36.72mm x 48.96mm.

Kit Contents

  • 4Duino 2.4" (resistive touch) display module
  • Male and female headers
  • μUSB-PA5-II (programming adaptor)
  • 5-way F-F ribbon cable w/ M-M adaptor
  • 4GB industrial-grade microSD card
Publicado: 2019-09-12 | Actualizado: 2023-03-20