EPCOS / TDK B58004 Passivated HAS Multilayer Piezo Actuators

TDK B58004 Passivated High Active Stack (HAS) Multilayer Piezo Actuators offer a highly efficient, robust design that avoids polarization cracks with the help of small insulation zones. The B58004 are made off RoHS-compatible lead zirconate titanate (PZT) with an internal copper electrode. The actuators provide high cycle stability at high temperatures, a high melting metal bond, and resistance against humidity. Other features include copper inner electrodes, 160V polarization, and a capacitance of 3.0µF (typical) in a ceramic body measuring 5.2mm x 5.2mm x 30mm.


  • High Active Stack (HAS) technology
  • Highly efficient actuator design with small insulation zones
  • Copper inner electrodes for superior robustness against humidity and cost-effectiveness
  • Lead-free high melting metal bond for operation at high temperatures
  • Minimized inactive areas for higher performance, longer lifetime, and compact design
  • Robust design that avoids polarization cracks
  • High reliability
  • High cycle stability at high temperatures
  • Outstanding resistance against humidity


  • Nano positioning systems
  • High-precision valve control for liquids and gases
  • Bonding wire machines


  • Design
    • RoHS-compatible PZT (lead zirconium titanate) ceramic with a high coupling factor
    • Copper inner electrodes
    • 5.2mm x 5.2mm x 30mm body dimensions
    • 30mm and 45mm heights 
    • Passivated stack
    • Polarized with 160V
    • Contains SVHC substance 12626-81-2
  • General technical ratings
    • 730N recommended pre-load
    • -40°C to +160°C surface temperature range
    • -25°C to +45°C storage temperature range
    • -10V to +180V voltage range
    • +160V nominal stroke
    • ±30A current range
  • Electrical specifications
    • 1µF to 6.3µF capacitance
    • >40MΩ insulation resistance
    • 55μm ±10% stroke at 160V 
    • 25.0N/µm typical stiffness at 160V (kstack)
    • 55µm and 83µm strokes


EPCOS / TDK B58004 Passivated HAS Multilayer Piezo Actuators
Publicado: 2019-02-18 | Actualizado: 2023-08-31