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Equipos y placas de desarrollo - ARM SLN-VIZNAS-IOT

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Equipos y placas de desarrollo - ARM
Development Kits
ARM Cortex M7
Marca: NXP Semiconductors
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Tipo de producto: Development Boards & Kits - ARM
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SLN-VIZNAS-IOT Solution for Face Recognition

NXP Semiconductors SLN-VIZNAS-IOT Solution for Face Recognition is an EdgeReady development kit for secure face recognition based on the i.MX RT106F Crossover Processor. The SLN-VIZNAS-IOT is designed to enable developers to quickly and easily add face recognition with liveness detection to their products. Liveness detection prevents spoofing with a photograph and is implemented with low-cost IR and RGB cameras, without the need for expensive 3D cameras. The SLN-VIZNAS-IOT comes with fully integrated turnkey software for quick out-of-the-box operation, minimizing time to market, risk, and development effort. Face recognition is done entirely at the network edge, addressing the privacy concerns of many consumers.

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