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Módulos de iluminación LED Cool White, 75 CRI 3680lm, 21A, Round

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Luminus Devices
Categoría de producto: Módulos de iluminación LED
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Marca: Luminus Devices
Tipo de producto: LED Bulbs & Modules
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Subcategoría: LED Lighting
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Luminus Devices CBT-140-W Round LED Modules

Luminus Devices CBT-140-W LED Modules are the perfect solution for applications defined by a circular aperture. These optical architectures can now be updated with round LEDs which better match the application. Luminus Round LED Modules increase system-level efficiency up to 30%, allowing a single LED to replace a 250W HID lamp. This accelerates solid-state technology by replacing conventional light sources for high-brightness lighting applications. Markets benefiting from Luminus' round LED technology include medical, machine vision, portable, and retail spot lighting. Fiber-coupled lighting systems greatly benefit from a round emitter: the fiber is round, the optic is round, but the LED has always been square resulting in optical losses, low overall efficiency, and more complex design. This is resolved with the round LED breakthrough, replacing the 300W Xenon lamp in applications like medical endoscopy. Luminus' monolithic chip technology enables large area LED chips with uniform brightness over the entire LED chip surface. The optical power and brightness produced by these large monolithic chips enable solutions which replace arc and halogen lamps where arrays of traditional high power LEDs cannot. With a thermal resistance from junction to case of 0.3ºC/W, these LEDs have the lowest thermal resistance of any LED on the market.
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